100 Sites Powered By JIRA (Part 2) – How to jazz up your JIRA site

6 December 2011
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This blog post is a continuation of last week’s blog post on well designed JIRA sites.

Based on our recent survey, we summarized a few tips on how you can jazz up your JIRA site.

  1. Logo – A logo helps to establish your identity and branding. The size of the logo should be between 50 to 90 pixels tall to be sufficiently big and yet allow enough working space on the screen. It is also possible to use a banner graphic as a logo too.
  2. Header Background Color – Try to use the same header background colour as your logo’s background color. You can use a color picker tool like Colorzilla.
  3. Navigation Bar Background Color – Likewise the navigation bar background color should use a different shades of the same color. The navigation bar text color can be changed to white or black to match the chosen color.
  4. Introduction Gadget – A short writeup to introduce the purpose and usage of the site to first-time users will be useful. Links to a quick guide or contact email address will even be better.
  5. Gadgets colour – The color of the gadgets in the system dashboard should ideally match with the navigation bar background colour
  6. Links to other sites –  Some organizations will add links to other auxiliary sites like their corporate website or wiki. This enables the users to surf to other sites easily within all the JIRA pages.

A good design helps to establish a corporate branding and brightens up the user’s day. You can reference how other people do it with our slides and JIRA’s guide on customizing the look and feel of JIRA.

And do drop us a comment if you have revamped your JIRA sites or come across any well designed JIRA sites. We love to share it with the rest.