Akeles Top 10 Marketplace apps in 2021

8 February 2022
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This year, we are continuing the tradition of sharing our Top 10 popular apps for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.

From our perspective, Marketplace apps play a significant role for successful adoption of Atlassian platforms by

  • enabling automation to improve productivity, speed or security
  • adding features to provide additional capabilities like Business Analytics, Test Automation, etc
  • organising information to provide insight and facilitate collaboration

This year, Atlassian Marketplace reached $2 billion in lifetime sales. This is a huge testimony of the usefulness and popularity of Marketplace apps.

How is the ranking done?

The ranking is based on the number of licenses (Server/DC/Cloud) customers bought in 2021.
We felt this will be a better measure of the popularity of the app.

In event of a tie, we go by the licensed users count, followed by the total sale value for the app.

Akeles Top 10 List

We are pleased to share our list for 2021 voted by the Atlassian users in Singapore. Although our list may not correspond to the global popularity in Atlassian Marketplace, it is an affirmation in the usefulness of the apps. 

Congratulations to the winners.

Top 10 Jira Apps for 2021

S/NApp NamePublisher
01ScriptRunner for JiraAdaptavist
02JSU Automation Suite for Jira WorkflowsBeecom (an Appfire company)
03eazyBI Reports and Charts for JiraeazyBI
04Extension for Jira Service ManagementDeviniti
05Zephyr Squad – Test Management for JiraSmartBear
06Automation for JiraAtlassian
07Tempo Timesheets – Time Tracking & ReportsTempo
08Dynamic Forms for JiraDeviniti
09Jira Workflow ToolboxDecadis AG
10BigPicture – Project Management & PPMBigPicture (an Appfire company)

Top 10 Confluence Apps for 2021

S/NApp NamePublisher
01draw.io Diagrams for Confluence//SEIBERT/MEDIA – Draw.io
02Gliffy Diagrams for ConfluenceGliffy
03Table Filter and Charts for ConfluenceStiltsoft
04Easy SSO (Confluence) Kerberos/NTLM/SAMLTechTime Initiative Group Limited
05Comala Document ManagementComalatech
06Refined for Confluence | Sites & ThemesRefined
07mO Confluence OAuth SSO, Confluence OpenID Connect/OIDC SSOminiOrange
08Composition Tabs for ConfluenceServiceRocket
09SAML Single Sign On SAML SSO Confluenceresolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbH
10ScriptRunner for ConfluenceAdaptavist

Top 10 Bitbucket Apps for 2021

S/NApp NamePublisher
1Webhook to Jenkins for BitbucketMohami (an Appfire company)
2ScriptRunner for BitbucketAdaptavist
3Awesome Graphs for BitbucketStiltsoft
4Jira Hooks for BitbucketDevOpsSystems Mueller
5External Hooks by ReconquestReconquest
6SAML Single Sign On (SAML SSO) Bitbucketresolution Reichert
7Workzone: PullRequest WorkflowIzymes Pty Ltd
8Sonar for BitbucketMibex Software GmbH
9Snippets for Bitbucket ServerMohami (an Appfire company)
10Security for Bitbucket – SoteriSoteri

We hope this list is useful for Atlassian admins.
Here’s a guide we think you might be interested – Best Practices in Jira Administration – Jira Apps Management.