Confluence 4.3 released to improve productivity

10 September 2012
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Do you know that an average worker receives more than 300 emails weekly?

If you are one of them, you might want to click on the infographic below to see how much time you have wasted.

Emails infographic

In this release of Confluence, Atlassian has focused on helping users on becoming more productive.

From the studies conducted, they have added these features below:

  • In-app notifications – to de-clutter your inbox and context switching
  • Personal task lists – to create tasks at the source and to facilitate tracking
  • iPhone & iPad mobile interface – to allow users to use Confluence while on the move
  • In-line actions – Add notifications to your personal task list as a reminder for later action

There are still many other features. For more details on the new features introduced in Confluence 4.3, check out the release notes posted within Confluence