Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum 2009

25 February 2009
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The Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum 2009 is ongoing at Sydney. And here are some of the good stuff to share around.

What’s the latest trends in enterprise Web 2.0 use and how other organizations are using them for? Check it out at State of the Nation by Ross Dawson

Messenger, Youtube, MySpace, and all the new things that will emerge on the web cannot be stopped. We must not fear them but learn how to embrace them” –
Giam Swiegers, Deloitte CEO 

Find out more on how Deloitte successfully tamed Web 2.0 in their office with Deloitte case study by Peter Williams
You may want to visit their blog for more information

And Ross Dawson has authored a book “Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Report which contains very good advice on how to create business value with web technologies. You can check out the table of contents and the sample chapters

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