Gliffy releases a better, faster Confluence plugin — in HTML5!

6 November 2012
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Our partner, Gliffy has launched their newest version of its popular Gliffy Confluence Plugin. The Gliffy plugin is a Confluence plugin that enables users add/edit diagrams like flowcharts, wireframes, and UML diagrams directly to their wiki pages without leaving the web browser.

This 5th major release brings Gliffy onto HTML5 to be faster, smoother, and better integrated with Confluence than ever before.

The HTML5 Revolution

The Gliffy plugin was originally built in Flash — at the time, the best technology available for complicated in-browser apps. But the web has evolved. The diversity of web-enabled devices, the introduction of HTML5, and the vast community building open-source code for HTML5 developers make supporting a totally Flash-based application feel kind of… old fashioned.

Gliffy’s developers are thrilled about the move to HTML5. According Kohlhardt, “HTML5 is a superior technology to Flash. Developers prefer it, our customers prefer it, and browsers support HTML5 better than Flash because it’s an open web standard.”

New features
If you’ve used Gliffy before, never fear! It’s still the same Plugin you know and love. It just loads twice as fast and operates much more smoothly.

But since they were in there, anyway, the Gliffy engineers took the liberty of making a few improvements:

  • The new color picker keeps track of your most recently used colors, so it’s easier to create beautiful diagrams with custom colors
  • The revamped interface is lighter, cleaner, and more tightly integrated with the Confluence environment.
  • Undo/redo have been amped up for more control, and now they have buttons on the toolbar!
  • Snap-to-grid placement and drawing guides make it easy to create sharp, perfectly aligned diagrams.
  • Smart copy and paste remember relative positioning, so you can create grid layouts with the push of a button.
  • Keyboard shortcuts work much better in the new HTML5 app, even on Macs!

To learn more (and download the app for yourself), check out the Gliffy Confluence Plugin 5.0.