Improving productivity by encouraging suggestions from the ground

20 March 2012
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One of the best ways for improving the productivity of the company is to get suggestions from the employees. This is because they will be able to identify the tasks and processes that is causing them more work and time.

However, as shown in the video below, most employees are less prone to voicing out their suggestions. This is more obvious with the Asian culture. Another common reason is because they feel their suggestions are not followed up.

There are a few ways to encourage them

  • Giving recognition to those who provided good suggestions
  • Follow up on the good suggestions
  • Provide them with an easy platform to submit their suggestions
  • Allow them to vote on suggestions
  • Allow them to comment and refine on their suggestions
  • Let them know why their suggestions are not adopted eventually

For existing JIRA users, this can be easily done by creating a new project with an Suggestion issue type. Fellow team members can come in to comment and vote on those suggestions that can benefit them.

The manager can also enforce a simple workflow to track whether the suggestion is under review, approved or implemented. He can also view statistics via the JIRA dashboards.