Jira Training Courses (Singapore)

This guide shares on the possible ways to get training or certification in Atlassian Jira in Singapore.

Atlassian Training

The Benefits of Getting Trained in Jira

Actually, Jira is very user friendly and the online user guide is very comprehensive. In addition, there are also free tutorials available on Atlassian University and YouTube.

However, attending a structured training with an experienced trainer would help in a faster jumpstart as well as picking up useful experiences. Some of the advantages to attend a training course are:

  • Faster jumpstart than to learn from scratch on your own
  • Learn best practices from the certified Jira experts
  • Acquiring useful experiences
  • Prepare for certification

What are the Training Options

There are a number of training options available which can be categorised by

  • Mode of training: whether it is done online or face-to-face
  • Training Provider: whether it is done by Atlassian or an Atlassian Solution Partner or a 3rd party provider
  • Coverage: whether it covers general info or specific to your organization’s Jira setup and business processes

Atlassian University

Atlassian provides online training courses in 3 different modes

ModeWhat are the advantages
On Demand– you watch at your pace over 30 days online
– you can start with just 1 user
Team (Virtual)– you get an instructor during the scheduled training
– more robust and relevant discussions
– value for money to train up the entire team
Team (Onsite)– fly a trainer to conduct within your office
– starts at US$7,500 per day

As we are an Atlassian Solution Partner in Singapore, you can book your Atlassian training through us.

Online Training Platforms

Online learning is gaining popularity because it is very flexible in terms of schedule. The pricing is also very competitive because of its global outreach and low overheads without a live human instructors. For instance, there are Jira training courses available on major e-learning platforms like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, SkillShare.

Training Schools

There are also a few training schools in Singapore that provides live instructor-led training in Jira. With a well-equipped lab and experienced trainers, it will make a good interactive learning experience.

By Akeles

Last but not least, we also offer the following on-premise training for your teams in Singapore.

Jira Essentials Training Course

Suitable forThis course is for new or novice Jira users, Product Managers, Project Administrators, Jira Application Administrators, System Administrators.
PrerequisitesJira experience is not required. This class is a prerequisite for all other Jira courses.
Duration1 day
PriceS$1,500 per pax
Scope– How others use Jira
– Jira Concepts
– Getting started with Jira
– Working with Jira issues
– Using Workflows
– Addressing traceability using Jira
– Collaborating with team members using Jira
– Searching with Filters
– Advanced querying with JQL
– Visualizing data with Dashboards and Gadgets
– Project Administration
– Tips to improve productivity with Jira
– Application Lifecycle Development with Jira
– Helpdesk with Jira
– Training Exercises
– Q&A

Jira Administrator Training Course

Suitable forThis course is for Jira Project Managers/Program Managers, Project Administrators, Application Administrators, System Administrators.
PrerequisitesJira Essentials course or equivalent experience.
Duration1 day
PriceS$1,500 per pax
Scope– Installing Jira (Practical)
– Jira Architecture
– Important directories and files
– User & Group Management and things to watch
– Working with Jira Roles
– Jira issue Security model
– Walkthrough of Jira Schemes
– Useful plugin extensions
– Plugins Management and concerns
– Things to watch out when installing new plugins
– Securing your Jira
– Managing & Upgrading Jira
– Resources for Jira Administrators
– Limitations with Jira
– Common Maintenance Issues
– Troubleshooting Tips
– Training Exercises
– Q&A

Jira Workflow Training Course

Suitable forThis course is for Jira Project Managers/Program Managers, Project Administrators, Application Administrators, System Administrators.
PrerequisitesJira Essentials course and Jira Administrator Training or equivalent experience
Duration2 days
PriceS$3,000 per pax
Scope– How they work together
– Types of Custom Fields
– Managing Custom Fields
– Improving User Experiences with Screens
– Introduction to Jira Workflow
– Commonly used workflows
– Workflow Planning Methodology
– Considerations when designing a workflow
– Configuring Workflows
– Working with Schemes
– Reusing workflows and considerations
– Useful plugins for enhancing Workflows
– Step by step workflow configuration example
– Common workflow configuration mistakes
– Training Exercises
– Q&A

Jira Software Training Course

Suitable forThis course is for Project Managers/Program Managers, ScrumMasters, Jira System Administrators, Technical Manager, and anyone interested in learning more about Jira Software.
PrerequisitesJira Essentials course or equivalent
Duration1 day
PriceS$1,500 per pax
Scope– Introduction to Jira Software
– Scrum and Kanban Methodology Review
– Agile Project Setup and Configuration
– Navigating Jira Software
– Running Scrum with Jira Software
– Running Kanban with Jira Software
– Managing multiple teams and project with boards
– Project Portfolio Management with Jira Software
– Doing Retrospectives in Confluence from Jira Software
– Tips and Tricks for using Jira Software
– How others use Jira Software
– Training Exercises
– Q&A

What are the Jira Certifications available

Atlassian has 5 different role-based certifications related with Jira

Jira Project AdministratorsAtlassian Certified in Jira Project AdministrationACP-600: Project Administration in Jira Server
Jira AdministratorsAtlassian Certified Jira AdministratorACP-100: Jira Administrator
Agile Team MembersAtlassian Certified in Agile Development in Jira SoftwareACP-300: Agile Development with Jira Software
Jira Service Desk AdministratorsAtlassian Certified in Jira Service Desk AdministrationACP-400: Jira Service Desk Administration
System AdministratorsAtlassian Certified System AdministratorACP-500: Atlassian System Administrator

Certification Preparation Courses

Atlassian provides on Demand Certification prep courses. Mostly, they are valid for 365 days except for the ACP-600 which both the Certification Prep and Certification Voucher bundle must be consumed within 60 days.

Likewise, you can order the certification preparation courses and certification voucher through us

ExamCourse NameOn Demand Pricing
ACP-100Jira Administration Certification PrepUS$100
ACP-300Agile Development with Jira Software Certification PrepUS$50
ACP-400Jira Service Desk Administrator Certification PrepUS$50
ACP-500Atlassian System Administrator (Jira/Confluence) Certification PrepUS$50
ACP-600Project Administration in Jira ServerUS$50