Managing your Git Repositories behind the Firewall with Atlassian Stash

2 May 2012
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Atlassian has released the latest product for their suite of development tools – Atlassian Stash

Tapping onto their experience with BitBucket and SourceTree, they are aware that

  • Development Teams need a way to develop quickly and share their source code in a central location
  • Businesses need an efficient way to keep their source codes in a secured manner
  • IT Administrators need a reliable system that can be configured to fit their environment

The key features of Stash are:

  • Permissions – easy to manage permissions for your Git repositories
  • User Management – link up to Corporate LDAP, Atlassian Crowd or even JIRA to manage the users
  • Development Traceability – link up with Atlassian JIRA for full issue and source traceability
  • Fast Source Browsing – browse code changes, file history directly from the browser without using an IDE

For more info, check out the official blogpost from Atlassian.

One place for your source codes – Atlassian Stash