Sharing stories about wikis the Pecha Kucha way

Sorry to keep your folks waiting, the videos for the Live Webcast of how Confluence is used in the US Government has been posted up at

The Pecha Kucha presentations are as follows:

  • National Geographic Society (NGS)
    • Karen Huffman — Wikis…. almost better than chocolate.
    • Whitney Hall — Sharing information through wikis.
    • Ariel Deiaco-Lohr – Going Greener: New ways for sharing resources & research
  • Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
    • Diane Schnurrpusch — Development of DC Chapter of SLA’s wiki
  • Executive Office of the President — Office of Management & Budget (EOP-OMB)
    • Emily Fort — Discuss government-wide collaboration and management of a large Confluence instance.
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    • Doug Joubert — Implementing wikis at a federal institution.
    • Dan Wendling — A Confluence wiki’s design pattern library and thoughts about usability.
    • Jeremy Swan — Review the Confluence architecture and method for developing templates.

More description on the content on the video is available at the Atlassian’s blog.

This set of videos does provide invaluable advice on the adoption of wiki.

But for our clients, they do not have to spend the time to do the research and reinvent the wheel. It is because we are always constantly searching and evolving our best practices to help them.

Our focus and our experience is our best value proposition.

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