Sun Tech Days 2009

Last week, I attended Sun Tech Days 2009 which made its round in Singapore. For the past few years, I always made it a point to attend this event as it allows me to have a glimpse of the latest technology development and the roadmap ahead. More importantly, it enables me to see whether they can be matched with any of the business needs. And I would know what and where to search for more details.

Sun Tech Days

Sun Tech Days

I have written down my notes at our wiki:

  • JavaFX – The New Platform for Rich Internet Applications
  • Building Social Applications using Zembly
  • MySQL – The Database for Web 2.0
  • Developing Web Applications using Comet and Ajax
  • Lightning Talks – A tour with OpenSolaris – end user perspective
  • Achieving Better Performance For Your Java Applications

One piece of good news is that Jira is bundled within Project Kenai as one of the issue trackers. Project Kenai is Sun’s initiative to provide a collaboration site for the open source community.

The Lightning Talk sessions which are newly introduced to this year’s agenda seemed to be a great idea. It allows end-users of Sun technologies to speak for a short period on how they utilized the technology and share tips and tricks. I do hope this will remain as a regular feature and I would be able to share my experience and knowledge on how to collaborate better with Confluence and Jira which are running on Java 🙂

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