Our Solutions

Our tools can be broadly classified into the following areas:

They are platforms which can be extended with addons – like adding apps to an iPhone.


Confluence Hipchat tls-teamcal

is a platform for teams to create and share rich content – projects, documentation, files, minutes, specs, diagrams, mockups, ideas, anything.


allows your team to chat and share files securely with message archiving. 

Confluence Team Calendars 

is for collaborative teams to manage team projects, leave forecast, track deadlines and plan events.

tls-refinedwiki tls-gliffy tls-lockpoint

gives Confluence an even more user friendly interface that can be customized to your needs. There is also a mobile interface for smart phones.


allows you to create great-looking, collaborative, web-based diagrams and flowcharts right on a Confluence page. 

Arsenale® Lockpoint™ 

allows you to lock Confluence attachments while making changes, enabling exclusive editing of attachments. 

tls-scroll tls-adhoc-workflow tls-scrollwiki
Scroll Word Exporter 

allows you to export your content into professional styled Microsoft Word documents.

Ad Hoc Workflows 

integrates seamlessly to allow collaborative editing with tasks and workflow approvals. Fulfilling auditing and compliance requirements.

Scroll PDF Exporter 

exports content from Confluence pages to styled PDF documents. 

tls-composition tls-connector Midori
Composition Plugin for Confluence 

allows finer control over the layout of a page by providing tabbed layout or hiding content.

Connector for Salesforce and Confluence 

allows viewing of Salesforce.com objects and data within Confluence.

Better Content Archiving for Confluence 

Usage tracking, expiration, review workflow, retention and clean-up for your Confluence pages


Project Management

Jira Jira Software tls-pm-minya

enables you to track everything – bugs, tasks, helpdesk tickets and projects together with customizable workflows. Real-time dashboard reports.

Jira Software 

(previously known as Greenhopper) is an agile project management tool designed for Scrum or Kanban teams.


is a set of plugins enhancing Jira in various areas of Time Tracking, Workflows and Reporting.

tls-pm-n-feed tls-pm-powerpoint Power Scripts for Jira

enables Jira to have dropdown values imported for your SQL databases.


provides additional reporting capabilities to Jira with additional chart types and allows reports to be exported in various formats.

Power Scripts for Jira 

provides versatile script runner capabilities, automation and unlimited power to enhance and automate your most complex IT workflows.

tls-pm-conn-1 tls-pm-conn-1 tls-pm-jira-auditor
Connector for Salesforce.com and Jira 

synchronises Salesforce.com cases and Jira issues from either interface.

Connector for SharePoint and Jira 

synchronises Salesforce.com cases and Jira issues from either interface.

Jira Auditor 

provides comprehensive audit log for administrative events in Atlassian Jira.

tls-pm-suggestimate tls-pm-rmsis tls-pm-jira-email
SuggestiMate for Jira 

is a powerful tool to detect and prevent duplicate issues in Atlassian Jira.

RMsis for Jira 

allows users to manage requirements in an intutive way with traceability between issues and test cases.

Jira Email This Issue Plugin 

allows users to email issues to anyone and comes with customized email templates.

Jira Service Desk tls-pm-greenhoppe trello
Jira Service Desk 

combines an intutive user experience with powerful SLA support, customizable queues, automated request management, and real-time reporting.

Arsenale® Dataplane™ 

delivers powerful and intuitive Jira reporting and analytics for decision makers.


is a web-based project management application that keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.

Midori Midori
Better PDF Exporter for Jira 

Customizable PDF export for Jira: issue lists, dashboards, timesheets, invoices, Release Notes, story cards & custom documents.

Better Excel Exporter for Jira 

Full-blown native Excel exports, spreadsheet reports and Business Intelligence for Jira.


Identity Management


is a web-based single sign-on (SSO) tool to simplify application provisioning and identity management.


Development Tools

Bamboo Bitbucket Clover

is a continuous integration (CI) server that helps you to identify and highlight trends, patterns, and linkages across builds.


allows you to manage your Git repositories behind the firewall.


is a Java Code Coverage Analysis application that helps to reduce testing time by running tests that cover application code modified since the previous build.

Crucible Fisheye Midori

helps your developers to find bugs and improve code quality through peer code reviews.


helps you to browse, search and manage your source code repositories aka revision control systems.

Better Commit Policy for Jira 

Verify the changes committed to Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Subversion & Mercurial against configurable rules.