Atlassian Apps

We have developed a number of apps for Atlassian Jira and Confluence. They were previously known as plugins.
Here are some of the popular apps that are available on Atlassian Marketplace.

Attachment Checker for Jira

Attachment Checker for Jira protects your Jira against unauthorised file attachments. It also improves security & performance by providing integration with antivirus scanners.

Attachment Checker for Jira can restrict unauthorised file types
Allow whitelisting/blacklisting of attachments

Calendar Heatmap Gadget

Calendar Heatmap Gadget displays the trending of issues visually with flexible display options. It can highlight the peaks and lulls to facilitate your planning.

Heatmap of issue count for the year
Display the trending of issues visually

Gauge Gadgets

Gauge Gadget makes it easy to visualize the number of issues in a gauge/meter view with 3 different styles.

Horseshoe gauge
You can see the real-time health status of your Jira project

Out of Office Assistant

Out Of Office Assistant reassign your tasks automatically when you are away. Also can be used for automatic acknowledgements.

Out of Office comment message
Reassign the Jira issue or post a comment when you are out of office

Three Dimensional Date Gadgets

Three Dimensional Date Gadgets is a collection of gadgets to allow users to see the trends across the months under various groupings. Check out how to group jira issues by months.

Date Gadgets for Jira
Track the progress of your Jira project across months

Multiple Filters Chart Gadgets

Multiple Filters Chart Gadget allows you to combine independent set of data on a single chart. You can display the issue count or sum the story points/time spent.

Multiple Filters Line Chart (Monthly)
Monthly view allows you to plot the values for all the days in a month

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer is a widget to display the countdown to the configured date in Confluence with different styles available.

Countdown Timer for Confluence
Ensure timely releases by keeping your team on the same page with the countdown timer

Hinch Panels

Hinch Panels add colours to your Confluence pages with 8 colourful panels. Typically used for landing pages or content pages. You can also get attention for your important content.

Hinch Panels for Confluence
Improve the look and feel of your Confluence page