About GitProtect and Xopero

GitProtect is a backup software for GitHub and Bitbucket repositories and metadata, and is a part of the Xopero Software family. It takes advantage of Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery engine, providing advanced enterprise features such as full control over retention, GFS and FIFO rotation schemes, versioning, compression, encryption and much more.

Xopero Software is a leading backup and recovery software vendor founded in 2009. The company cooperates with enterprises such as Asseco, T-Mobile, Orange, and fully extended into the global market thanks to partnership with ESET. Xopero has been selling in over 50 countries so far and has a range of customers, for instance, Subway and AVIS.

Why backup GitHub and Bitbucket?

  • Human errors – HEAD overwrite, branch deletion and many more
  • Intentional malicious behaviour
  • Hardware failure, loss, or theft
  • Ransomeware attacks
  • Synchronisation issues
  • GitHub and Atlassian service outages
  • Shared responsibility model rules

Why GitProtect?

  • Automated git backup
  • Central management console
  • Data protection with three levels of AES encryption, SSL transfer and more
  • Long-term retention of backups
  • Advanced logs, reports, and notifications
  • Fast, point-in-time restore of all data
  • Disaster recovery and easy migration
  • Advanced features powered by Xopero ONE

Still not sure if you need to backup your data? Check out the Git Backup Guide!


What is the pricing?

Number of RepositoriesOn-Premise ENTERPRISE
10 – 993 per repo / month
100 – 1992.65 per repo / month
200 – 4992.4 per repo / month
500 – 9992.2 per repo / month
1000 – 14991.9 per repo / month

The pricing in the table above is in USD. For more info, refer to