Jira Use Cases in Singapore

Why our customers in Singapore are using Jira

Jira Use Cases

Software Development
Bug Tracking
All bugs/change requests or even Agile epics can be managed easily with Jira

  • Traceability of bugs
  • Save time compiling reports with updated dashboards
Workflow Process Management
Implementation Request
To raise a request for a downtime, application implementation.

  • Automatic routing of requests to the approving parties in the correct order
  • Automatic archival of approvals and comments
Client Relationship Management
Helpdesk Support / ServiceDesk Ticketing
Store all the issues raised by customers and things to take note in subsequent dealing. Keep tracks of the Dos and Don’ts.

  • Better customer relationship management
Project Management
Meeting Agenda
Jira tasks can be put up as discussion items on the follow-up decisions and actions-up.

Been used in real organisation where infra and application groups meet to discuss infra-app matters on regular basis. Issues are fielded up by meeting members concerned and discussed in the meeting.

  • Never lose track of action items that arises out of the meeting (action items) until they are closed.
Requirement Management
All the requirements can be recorded in Jira and discussion can be conducte

  • People will be able to find what the key reasons for some requirements as most of the requirement specs only specify what is requirement without the reason for doing so.
  • Also increase the traceability on who specified the particular requirement.
Task or Issue tracking
All the tasks and issues are to be recorded in Jira so that every item is followed up and executed rather than assigned via emails or verbally.

  • All issues will be followed up with someone accountable for it.
  • Distribution of workflow with clear due date and priority.
  • The issue lists will be always up-to-date and accessible to everyone.
  • All stakeholders will be able to participate without bothering the project manager for the latest list.
Staff Suggestion Scheme / Innovation Management
As a feedback channel accessible by all employees of a company to submit SSS or ideas.

The owner will be the quality dept officer and reporters are employees.

  • Ease of management of suggestions.
  • Tap on the wisdom of the crowds.


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