Get Ready For 2017 With The Right Tool

8 December 2016
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“You are only as good as your tools”

If you are using tools like IntelliJ IDEA, Resharper, PyCharm, RubyMine or WebStorm, this might be useful info for you.

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Our partner Jetbrains is running a special offer with 40% off the subscription plan.

For customers with valid upgrade subscription or a subscription that has expired after November 2, 2014,

  • 40% discount on subscription plans. The discount is permanent while subscription is uninterrupted.
  • For one annual fee, you will get 2 years from the date your subscription lapsed. This doesn’t apply however when switching to an All Products subscription. In this case, the subscription date starts on the date of purchase of the subscription, as this is considered a product switch in addition to a move to subscriptions.

2. For customers with products bought without active upgrade subscription or a subscription that expired before November 2, 2014, 

  • 40% discount on yearly or monthly subscription plans
  • Your subscription will start on your purchase date

The offer is expiring on 31st Dec 2016. Subscribe now and catch up on all the new features. 

Jetbrains 40% discount