Best Practices in Jira Administration – Be a Jira Hero ebook

27 May 2020
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Be a Jira Hero ebook

This is an ebook on a collection of Jira best practices that Atlassian has gathered from Jira experts around the world.

The title “Be a Jira Hero – A guide for Admins, by Admins” is well deserving. Therefore we recommend all Jira administrators and wannabes to read the 25 pages ebook.

Jira Best Practices ebook

The ebook is well-organised into different sections with short but clear snippets of wisdoms:

  1. How to keep Jira clean and simple for your users
  2. How to use issues effectively
  3. Best practices on managing Custom Fields and Screens
  4. Things to consider when building workflows
  5. Tips on managing backlog in Jira
  6. How to get people to work on the issues
  7. Best practices on designing the Jira dashboards for even more effective reporting
  8. Shortcuts & Hacks to work faster with Jira
  9. How to make use of automation to make life easier

One Common Mistake

For example, the book has highlighted in Tip #20 to incorporate Resolution into the workflows. We observed that a number of Jira admins who did not have formal training tends do not understand the concept of resolution. Consequently, they overlook this important step while creating new workflows. While the Jira appears to be working, the implications are some built-in reports may be inaccurate and an important piece of information is missing.

Our Additional Jira Tip

Dashboards are very useful if they are used correctly. Team members can have visibility on the progress and be reminded on the outstanding tasks. Furthermore, Management can have clear visibility without spending a lot of time preparing routine reports. As a result, users will understand the value of updating their tasks in Jira.

Horizontal Bar Chart for Jira
Multiple Filters Statistics Bar Chart Gadget

Horse Shoe Gauge Gadget for Jira
Horseshoe Gadget Jira


To sum up, if you are a Jira administrator, you should download the ebook and review whether you have been applying the Jira best practices.

There is no need to provide any email address to download the book. To add on, you may also want to check out the following resources: