The value drivers for next-generation businesses

11 December 2009
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Dion Hinchcliffe in his latest blogpost – The value drivers for next-generation businesses asked whether businesses are focusing on what really matters and nicely summarized the value drivers of next-generation businesses which I agree totally. I have list some of the points and my comments on it.

  1. Strategic control over valuable data – Information is power. A lot of enterprises are archiving a lot of data, but more can be done to unleash its usefulness by making it more easy to digest and reuse the information.
  2. Peer production – By tapping on the power on teammates and feedbacks from the clients, companies will be able to be more efficient and provide what their clients really value.
  3. Self organizing – With so much information flowing around nowadays, it is a big overhead to attempt to organize the information. It is also a challenge as information can be classified under more than 1 category.  It should be done as a side effect of work given a properly planned framework that can be evolved.
  4. Mass Self-servicing – Time is money. If your clients need to spend 10mins on the phone menu and 10 mins to wait for your operator to answer their call, they are more likely to look for another service provider. Studies have shown that people are more than happy to self service their request through the web instead of requesting through a phone. It is a win-win situation where businesses can reduce their cost and yet their customers happier.
  5. Ability to dynamically adapt and rapidly respond to current needs – Companies might want to look in principles-driven processes and extensible IT solutions to enable themselves to evolve.

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