Wikis for sharing personal knowledge

8 November 2009
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A lot of people may think that a wiki is just for business or collaboration with a large group. In fact, it can be useful for personal use or within friends.

Recently, I went to Mount Bromo for a short trip and the scenery was very beautiful. I wanted  geo-tag the photos so that I can know where those beautiful shots are taken. Geo-tagging adds the location information to the photos so that people can know when & where the beautiful photos are taken. It also allows me to plot the route that I had covered for the trip.

If I had “wiki”ed down some notes the last time, I would have saved the time and effort to reinvent the wheel again. Therefore I told myself I should do it, because it is likely that I need to refer upon this information in years to come.  By having these information on my wiki, it would also be useful for those who wants to borrow my GPS receiver and my old Windows Mobile handphone for geotagging their trips as well.

It does not take a lot of time to wiki down the information, but it can save me a lot of time in future.

And here are some pictures of the beautiful place.

Mount Bromo 2009

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