Book Review: JIRA 5.x Developer Cookbook

I was very happy to get the invitation to do a book review for the latest edition of the JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook.

JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook

While I do not know Jobin (the author) personally, he has been participating activiely in the JIRA developers’ community from sharing tips in blog posts to answering fellow developers’ questions in the Developer Forum.

So when he published the first edition of the JIRA Developer Cookbook, I ordered a copy for myself. It was a worthwhile buy. The book was well organized and catered to readers who are new to JIRA development to experienced developers trying to hunt for new tricks.

New developers are led through the Plugin Development Process (Chapter 1) and Understanding the Plugin Framework (Chapter 2). For those very experienced, the chapter on Useful Recipes (Chapter 11) gave me new ideas on how certain things can be done more effectively.

This latest edition revises those sections with up-to-date information for JIRA 5.

In addition,  new sections are added to elaborate on certain concepts (e.g. Types of plugin modules and Architecture explained, …) and introduce new stuff  (e.g. FastDev, Issue Link Renderers, ….).

For those who are interesting to start developing their own JIRA plugins, this book will be a useful jumpstart and reference.

Bonus: From now till 10th July 2013, 2 lucky participants who post comment on their expectations of the book at the JTricks’ blog post will get a chance to win a copy of the JIRA 5.x Developer Cookbook.

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