Book Review: JIRA 6.x Administrator Cookbook

JIRA 6.x Administrator Cookbook

I was excited to receive an invitation from Packt Publishing to do a book review on JIRA 6.x Administrator Cookbook.

Being an Atlassian Expert, it can be scary to see such books coming into the market because the tricks of the trade are being wiki-leaked. However, it also means JIRA has matured and is getting increasing adoption.

I think the tagline for the book “Quick answers to common problems” is quite apt. It contains a lot of recipes to questions that we encounter day-to-day. Some of the answers are similar to what we are doing for ourselves or have done for our customers.

The book is well structured with clearly illustrated steps and notes to highlight salient points. The e-book also contains coloured screenshots that makes it easier to see the highlighted text.

Some interesting topics include:

  • How to reset the JIRA administrator password
  • Using Javascript with custom fields
  • Creating custom fields with custom logic
  • How to migrate JIRA to another environment

There are also chapters covering:

  • JIRA workflows
  • JIRA security
  • JIRA customizations
  • Integration JIRA with other applications

This book has a lot of practical recipes and is useful for those who want to administer their own JIRA instance.

For those who are keen to pick up JIRA add-on development, you can also check out the JIRA 5.x Developer Cookbook


  • Dave Truman says:

    Thanks for the review, gives me an idea what’s in the book. How much of the book would you say does not apply to those who have JIRA OnDemand rather than an on-site JIRA installation?

  • akeles says:

    Hi Dave,

    JIRA OnDemand (which has been renamed to JIRA Cloud) is much more limited on JIRA Server in terms of customization as a lot of things have been standardized.

    For example, the SSL setup has already been done.

    A large part is applicable to JIRA Cloud.
    Even though it is not applicable, it is useful for JIRA Cloud administrators to be aware how things are done backend and what are the additional features they can gain if they migrate to JIRA Server in future.

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