Color Matters

26 December 2017
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Here is a post to commemorate the release of a new feature: Color Scheme Enhancement for Multiple Filters Chart Gadgets version 2.1.0

  1. “What purpose will this color serve?”
  2. “Will this (color) serve it’s purpose effectively?”

When color is used effectively, it brings life to the charts and directs users to focus on details required for effective communication.

Such as to (1) highlight a particular data, (e.g. Tasks that has yet to be completed)

(2) encode quantitative values, (e.g. Density of importance corresponds to darker shades)

and, (3) to group items.

Colors themselves tell a story, and it’s the responsibility of the designer to make sure the palette used does not create confusion within a data visualization.

Thus, the palettes used are to have enough variation in hue and brightness.

Try out the different color palettes available in Multiple Filters Chart Gadget and explore the possibilities with colors.

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