• Akeles Top 10 Marketplace Apps in 2020

    18 January 2021
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    Time flies and we are in 2021 already. We crunched our sales numbers for Atlassian Marketplace Apps licenses to identify the developing trends.

    This year, we are sharing this list as we feel it may be useful to fellow Atlassian users looking to extract more value from Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket.

    From our perspective, Marketplace apps play a significant role for established instances by

    • enabling automation to improve productivity, speed or security
    • adding features to provide additional capabilities like Business Analytics, Test Automation, etc
    • organising information to provide insight and facilitate collaboration

    How is the ranking done?

    The ranking is based on the number of licenses (Server/DC/Cloud) we sold for each app in 2020.
    We felt this will be a better measure of the popularity of the app.

    In event of a tie, we go by the licensed users count, followed by the total sales for the app.

    Akeles Top 10 List

    We are pleased to share our list for 2020 voted by the end users in Singapore. While our list may not reflect their actual popularity in Atlassian Marketplace, it is an affirmation in the usefulness of the apps. 

    Congratulations to the winners.

    Top 10 Jira Apps for 2020

    S/NApp NamePublisher
    01ScriptRunner for JiraAdaptavist
    02JSU Automation Suite for Jira WorkflowsBeecom
    03Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio)Atlassian
    04eazyBI Reports and Charts for JiraeazyBI
    05Extension for Jira Service ManagementDeviniti
    06Jira Workflow ToolboxDecadis AG
    07Zephyr for Jira – Test ManagementSmartBear
    08Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)Innovalog
    09Dynamic Forms for JiraDeviniti
    10BigPicture – Project Management & PPMSoftwarePlant

    Top 10 Confluence Apps for 2020

    S/NApp NamePublisher
    01Team Calendars for Confluence Atlassian
    02Gliffy Diagrams for ConfluenceGliffy
    03draw.io Diagrams for Confluence//SEIBERT/MEDIA – Draw.io
    04Comala Document ManagementComalatech
    05Table Filter and Charts for ConfluenceStiltsoft
    06Refined for Confluence | Sites & ThemesRefined
    07Excel for ConfluenceBob Swift Atlassian Apps
    08SAML Single Sign On SAML SSO Confluenceresolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbH
    09ScriptRunner for ConfluenceAdaptavist
    10Balsamiq Wireframes for ConfluenceBalsamiq

    Top 10 Bitbucket Apps for 2020

    S/NApp NamePublisher
    1ScriptRunner for BitbucketAdaptavist
    2Webhook to Jenkins for BitbucketMohami
    3Awesome Graphs for BitbucketStiltsoft
    4SAML Single Sign On (SAML SSO) Bitbucketresolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbH
    5Workzone: PullRequest WorkflowIzymes Pty Ltd
    6External Hooks by ReconquestReconquest
    7Jira Hooks for BitbucketDevOpsSystems Mueller
    8Sonar for BitbucketMibex Software GmbH
    9Snippets for Bitbucket ServerMohami
    10Microsoft Teams Connector for BitbucketGlobo Solutions

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  • Color Matters

    26 December 2017
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    Here is a post to commemorate the release of a new feature: Color Scheme Enhancement for Multiple Filters Chart Gadgets version 2.1.0

    1. “What purpose will this color serve?”
    2. “Will this (color) serve it’s purpose effectively?”

    Gif on Steps for a Custom scheme

    When color is used effectively, it brings life to the charts and directs users to focus on details required for effective communication.

    Such as to (1) highlight a particular data, (e.g. Tasks that has yet to be completed)

    (2) encode quantitative values, (e.g. Density of importance corresponds to darker shades)

    and, (3) to group items.

    Colors themselves tell a story, and it’s the responsibility of the designer to make sure the palette used does not create confusion within a data visualization.

    Thus, the palettes used are to have enough variation in hue and brightness.

    Try out the different color palettes available in Multiple Filters Chart Gadget and explore the possibilities with colors.


    Fun Fact:

    Image Retrieved From https://thumbnails-visually.netdna-ssl.com/color-emotion-guide_512d42458efc1_w1500.png

    Available on the Atlassian Marketplace

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  • How to protect your JIRA from viruses, missing files and performance issues

    5 May 2014
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    We have just released v2.0 of the Attachment Checker for JIRA plugin. The 2 key features introduced in this version are

    • virus scanning of uploaded attachments (JRA-8626)
    • restricting of attachments with duplicate filenames (JRA-2169)

    While it is already possible to install an anti-virus scanner on the JIRA server, there are some implications:

    • Attachments are deleted unknowingly by the scanner without notifying the author that his file is infected. Other users will be unable to download the file later.
    • As mentioned in https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRAKB/Anti-Virus+in+JIRA, some of the users have reported slowness with JIRA when anti-virus software is installed. This is because of the dramatic increase in disk IO and CPU usage as JIRA creates many temporary files. The Attachment Checker only scans the attachments once when they are just uploaded, thus addressing the security concerns.

    The checking for duplicate filename improvement also helps to alert the user if there is already another attachment with the same filename. This solves the scenarios where a copy of the attachment has been uploaded before or the user forgot to rename the file to include the updated version number. This saves time on identifying the correct attachment to work with.

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  • How to enable active collaboration with your wiki

    What a wiki cannot do

    Being a Confluence wiki user for several years, I have experienced the following difficulties:

    • I have to email people after posting pages/comments to get their acknowledgement/approval/comments
    • I got difficulty tracking which pages/comments that I need to reply after a few days elapsed

    There is a lot of extra work duplicated between the wiki and emails. And when people conveniently reply to the email instead of posting to the page. The collaboration and knowledge leaves the wiki back into the emails.

    As such, I observed that a lot of wikis are mostly used for passive collaboration like knowledge bases, FAQs and intranets.

    However, Ad Hoc Workflows plugin for Confluence patches the gap and enables Confluence with the capabilities of:

    • assigning of tasks
    • defining workflows

    How we use it

    I will share one of the scenarios on how we use the Ad Hoc Workflows plugin to collaborative actively.

    1. After each meeting, one of us will draft the meeting minutes into our wiki
    2. Upon the completion of the draft, the author will assign the attendees a task to review the minutes
    3. We will receive an email notification to inform us of the task with a link to the wiki page
    4. Likewise, we can also see a list of our outstanding tasks on the dashboard for follow-up
    5. We will go to the wiki page to make minor changes or post comments
    6. Once everything is ok, we will mark the task as completed
    7. The wiki page is then marked as approved once everyone has completed their reviewing tasks

    Another example

    It can also support more sophisticated workflows as shown in the video below.

    For more information, check out Ad hoc Workflows’ official website

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  • Confluence Mail Utilities 1.3 released

    16 May 2009
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    We have released the latest version of the Confluence Mail Utilities. Version 1.3 provides compatibility to Confluence 2.10.X.

    For those who are new, Confluence Mail Utilities is  a set of utilities to facilitate users to contribute content directly to Confluence via emails.

    With this plugin, it removes the hassle to set up multiple email accounts to archive the emails in different spaces.

    It also allows users to post blog entries directly from their emails without the need to log into Confluence. This will also encourage people to contribute information into Confluence without additional steps to copy and paste the information from their emails to Confluence.

    For more detailed information on the Confluence Mail Utilities, check out Confluence Plugin Library.

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  • Balsamiq Mockups Webinar

    20 February 2009
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    Balsamiq Mockups is a Confluence extension that allows application designers to create prototypes of their applications fast and easily.

    This coming thursday (26th Feb), there is going to be a webinar where 2 end-users are going to share how Mockups for Confluence is helping their two hot startups develop killer products in a more agile, productive and fun way.

    The webinar will start at 1am Singapore time and should run for about 30-45 minutes. Attendees can ask questions in real time and there will be a $100 discount code at the end of the webinar. The registration is free.

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