• Getting Git Right 2014

    6 October 2014
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     Getting Git Right
    On 22nd September 2014, Atlassian is in Singapore for the 1st time to host Getting Git Right 2014 . Atlassian is well-known for their developer tools such as JIRAConfluence, etc. The  team spent the afternoon in town to talk about how Git together with Stash can help developers work more productively and deliver products faster.

    Git makes you happy

    Stash is a Git repository management software to enable users to collaborate on their code better. Revision control and source code management is becoming increasingly essential for development teams big or small. It helps developers to collaborate more efficiently, hence the proliferation of Git adoption for developer teams and increasing interest in products like Stash.

    Who uses Git

    The Atlassian team shared their best practices on development workflows such as how to integrate Git into the system and how to use Git for faster releases. The revision control provides users with records of changes made to projects thereby empowering them in tracking and recovery of source code.

    git log

    A lucky attendee walked home with our Intel® NUC mini server with Atlassian Git Essentials (JIRA+JIRA Agile+Bamboo+Stash) pre-installed. Our Git Essentials Mini-Server is targeted towards startups and small teams as it is both energy-saving and space-saving.

    NUC winner

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  • Stash 2.0 – Giving you more control with DVCS

    10 December 2012
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    Atlassian has launched Stash 2.0 together with Enterprise Support for it. Stash is an on-premise Git Repository Management solution that allows teams a central way to manage all the distributed and growing code base.

    With Stash, it will be possible to

    • integrate with corporate LDAP
    • enforce permissions at project or branch level
    • integrate with JIRA issue tracker
    • extend new features with plugins
    • and others

    For those who are not heard of Git, it is fastest growing DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) that has increased from 13% (2011) to 27% (2012). People are switching from Subversion to DVCS to be more efficient, reduce dependencies among developers and to take advantage of the workflows.

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  • Managing your Git Repositories behind the Firewall with Atlassian Stash

    2 May 2012
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    Atlassian has released the latest product for their suite of development tools – Atlassian Stash

    Tapping onto their experience with BitBucket and SourceTree, they are aware that

    • Development Teams need a way to develop quickly and share their source code in a central location
    • Businesses need an efficient way to keep their source codes in a secured manner
    • IT Administrators need a reliable system that can be configured to fit their environment

    The key features of Stash are:

    • Permissions – easy to manage permissions for your Git repositories
    • User Management – link up to Corporate LDAP, Atlassian Crowd or even JIRA to manage the users
    • Development Traceability – link up with Atlassian JIRA for full issue and source traceability
    • Fast Source Browsing – browse code changes, file history directly from the browser without using an IDE

    For more info, check out the official blogpost from Atlassian.

    One place for your source codes – Atlassian Stash

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