• Confluence 4.3 released to improve productivity

    10 September 2012
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    Do you know that an average worker receives more than 300 emails weekly?

    If you are one of them, you might want to click on the infographic below to see how much time you have wasted.

    Emails infographic

    In this release of Confluence, Atlassian has focused on helping users on becoming more productive.

    From the studies conducted, they have added these features below:

    • In-app notifications – to de-clutter your inbox and context switching
    • Personal task lists – to create tasks at the source and to facilitate tracking
    • iPhone & iPad mobile interface – to allow users to use Confluence while on the move
    • In-line actions – Add notifications to your personal task list as a reminder for later action

    There are still many other features. For more details on the new features introduced in Confluence 4.3, check out the release notes posted within Confluence

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  • Managing your Git Repositories behind the Firewall with Atlassian Stash

    2 May 2012
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    Atlassian has released the latest product for their suite of development tools – Atlassian Stash

    Tapping onto their experience with BitBucket and SourceTree, they are aware that

    • Development Teams need a way to develop quickly and share their source code in a central location
    • Businesses need an efficient way to keep their source codes in a secured manner
    • IT Administrators need a reliable system that can be configured to fit their environment

    The key features of Stash are:

    • Permissions – easy to manage permissions for your Git repositories
    • User Management – link up to Corporate LDAP, Atlassian Crowd or even JIRA to manage the users
    • Development Traceability – link up with Atlassian JIRA for full issue and source traceability
    • Fast Source Browsing – browse code changes, file history directly from the browser without using an IDE

    For more info, check out the official blogpost from Atlassian.

    One place for your source codes – Atlassian Stash

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  • Atlassian Goes Social with JIRA 5

    23 February 2012
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    Do you know that JIRA is used by more than 70% of the Fortune 100 companies? And the  most popular issue tracker is improving itself with more useful features in the latest release of JIRA 5.

    The focus of this issue is to improve how people communicate with JIRA and to make life easier by providing better integration with other systems.

    The key features introduced in JIRA 5 are:

    • Sharing & Mentions – Mention another user with the ‘@’ symbol to trigger an email notification together with your comments
    • Search Change History – You can now build new searches to find issues with a change status, assignee and even specify when it happened or by whom
    • Remote issue links – You can link your JIRA issues to issues from another JIRA site, Confluence page or even any web page URL
    • JIRA to JIRA issue copy – A new (beta) plugin you can use to copy issues from a JIRA site to another JIRA site
    • Improved Activity streams – Activity stream can now show external activity from another Atlassian application (e.g. Confluence)
    • New Email Handler Wizard – A new wizard to configure email handlers for creating issues or comments from email messages
    • and many more

    Check out the video summary of the new features in the video below

    Likewise, you can also check out the official release notes

    To commemorate this launch, we also prepared a video edition of screenshots of JIRA sites on the Internet.

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  • Edit Like a Pro with Confluence 4.1 – Available Today

    15 December 2011
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    It’s the season of giving and the Confluence Team decided to splurge this year, bringing you Confluence 4.1 just in time for the holiday season. It’s jam packed with new features and improvements that make everyone look like an editing pro.

    Create and Share Rich Content, Effortlessly

    Take the completely redesigned editor that we gave you in Confluence 4.0 and add instant Autoconvert, professional Image Effects, and quick Find and Replace. What do you get? Confluence 4.1 – the fastest online content collaboration tool going around.

    Give everyone in your organization the power to create and share rich content, effortlessly – check out Confluence 4.1 today.

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  • 2 good news for cloud computing in Singapore

    11 November 2011
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    Cloud computing is gaining more attention in Singapore. This week, I attended the VMWare Forum and saw a huge crowd of attendees. Besides utilizing cloud platforms, organizations are also trying to acquire the knowledge to set up their own cloud.

    With the growing importance of Cloud Computing, IDA has also decided to include Cloud Computing services under the Productivity & Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC). This means that organizations adopting Cloud Services can enjoy tax deductions of up to 400% subjected to a maximum of $400k.

    Likewise, Atlassian has also introduced the Cloud version of Confluence and JIRA with Atlassian OnDemand. This means users can start using these tools with subscription starting from US$10 per month without having to set up the systems themselves.


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  • GreenHopper 5.8 available: Rapid Board for Kanban

    13 October 2011
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    The Rapid Board is an exciting new way to use GreenHopper, and includes support for multiple projects, the biggest feature request in GreenHopper’s history!

    Swimlanes powered by JQL

    The power of JIRA Query Language (JQL) is behind every aspect of the GreenHopper Rapid Board. Each Rapid View is built on a JIRA search, then enables additional filters. Swimlanes are horizontal lanes built on JQL search parameters, to break down the Rapid View into horizontal sets of data, such as issues relating to a specific team or portion of the project. Quick Filters are buttons built on JQL, and are commonly used to toggle between assignees or issue with a particular date value.

    Swimlanes on Greenhopper


    Track & Report

    The Rapid Board includes a new Control Chart to show the mean cycle time and trends and an updated Cumulative Flow Diagram. The Rapid Board view and charts are also available as gadgets, to display information on a JIRA dashboard or a Confluence page.

    Control Chart

    Check out the video to see the new Greenhopper in action

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  • Introducing a New Standard in Content Collaboration

    22 September 2011
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    Confluence 4.0 is here! After more than a year of development, and many more years of listening to your feedback, Atlassian is stoked to deliver you Confluence 4.0 – the fastest, richest, most intuitive collaboration experience ever.

    Brillantly Simple Editor

    The new editor in Confluence 4.0 is brilliantly simple, intuitive, and yet still packed with powerful features. A new streamlined toolbar puts new users at ease with familiar editing operations exactly where they’re expected. A single editor makes for a more reliable experience for your users and saved work that looks exactly like what was crafted in the editor. What you see is really what you get.

    Intelligent and Lightning Fast

    While new users will feel at home with the new editor, power users will thrive on innovative new features like Autoformatting. In the blink of an eye, Confluence converts wiki markup to rich text as you type; careful, you might miss it! They’ll love the performance improvements we’ve made to Autocomplete, putting links, images, media, and hundreds of powerful macros a couple of keystrokes away. Not to mention all the new keyboard shortcuts we’ve added to give them a faster editing experience than ever before. Now you can even copy and paste images directly from other web pages

    Familiarly Social

    Confluence 4.0 takes team collaboration to the next level. Just like Twitter and Facebook, it’s easy to bring others into the conversations taking place in Confluence with @mentions. Whether you’re editing a page, replying to a comment or publishing a blog post, it’s never been easier to foster team collaboration around your content in Confluence.

    Hundreds of New Features

    This post barely scratches the surface of Confluence 4.0. Take an interactive tour and learn about all the new features now!


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  • JIRA 4.4 Released: Manage Workflow & Projects with ease

    3 August 2011
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    JIRA 4.4 is full of new features and improvements to simplify work and increase productivity. The interfaces have designed to make it faster and easier to find the information you need and make changes to your projects quickly.

    Activity Streams

    The Activity Stream has had a makeover. As well as looking prettier, it now lets you vote, start watching or comment on an issue with a single click

    Workflow Designer

    The built-in visual workflow designer makes editing workflow fast, simple, and fun! Check out the video to see the visual workflow designer in action.

    New administration interface

    The new project-centric admin interface makes it easy to see which fields, screens, permissions, and notifications are associated with a particular project, so even new administrators can make any changes needed quickly.

    It’s the first day of release, and we have heard administrators telling us that they are going  to upgrade to 4.4 because they think the new screens can help them and their end-users.

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  • Another way to see your Confluence spaces

    With the extensive usage of Confluence, an issue we faced is the long list of spaces on the dashboard.
    Beside a longer loading time, the long list also affects the layout of the dashboard. It is also more difficult to search for spaces.

    Luckily, with the SpeakEasy extension, it is very easy to change the look and feel. We tried and developed the Akeles Space Lister Extension.

    Do let us know about your opinions. We will appreciate if you can vote for this entry at the Atlassian Codegeist. You can also check out other interesting plugins for Confluence/JIRA.

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  • Confluence 3.5 Released: Stronger JIRA Integration

    18 March 2011
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    Have you ever wanted to create JIRA issues from the Confluence Editor? What about being able to quickly insert recently viewed issues to generate ad-hoc reports in Confluence? Well, thanks to Confluence 3.5, now you can!

    A new ‘Insert JIRA Issue’ dialog lets you to

    • create new issues,
    • insert recently viewed issues,
    • and search for existing issues to embed in Confluence pages.

    One possible useful scenario for this feature is tracking the action items for meeting minutes. With this new feature, there is no more need to dig up all the meeting minutes to see if the action items are completed.

    Check out the short video below to see the features in action.

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