• Why our customers use JIRA

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  • Help your helpdesk staff to go home earlier

    Atlassian has announced 3 new products in the recent Atlassian Summit 2003.  One of them is the JIRA Service Desk.

    JIRA Service Desk is a JIRA addon that

    • Allow customers to ask for help easier with an intuitive and clean interface.  They get to have the terms in their own language, different from what the IT team sees 
    • Allows the helpdesk team to distinguish the urgent issues with powerful SLA rules
    • Allow customers to solve their problems faster by suggesting solutions when they file the ticket 

    For details, please refer to the video intro.

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  • Building a knowledgebase with Confluence and JIRA

    JIRA is used by many organisations as a Helpdesk system to keep track of their user queries and requests. Over time, it becomes a valuable Knowledge Base. These solved cases will have details on:

    • how to replicate the error,
    • what was the root cause and
    • the desired solution

    By opening up the Knowledge Base, it improves productivity by enabling end users to search for the solution first. If it is available, the end user will get his/her issues fixed and the Helpdesk team can handle difficult cases.

    For organisations already have this arrangement, it can be further enhanced by tapping onto Confluence.

    When tackling FAQs that require a detailed write-up, a new page can be created in Confluence via a standard template. As long as the JIRA issue is mentioned in the Confluence page (see red arrow in diagram below)

    JIRA mentioned in Confluence


    a corresponding link will be created in JIRA (see red arrow below)

    JIRA mentions

    Users can click on the link to Confluence to read the detailed solution.

    The benefits of using Confluence are:

    1. rich content can be included (e.g. videos, screenshots, diagrams)
    2. content can be easily organised in user-friendly layout
    3. easy to search as FAQs can be organised by topics
    4. easy to find the solution in a page instead of digging long list of comments (in JIRA)
    5. protects sensitive information from public viewing

    As a user, do you prefer the red pill or the blue pill?

    Solution in JIRA
    Comment in JIRA
    Solution in Confluence
    Confluence knowledge page

    By investing a small effort in Confluence, it will reduce a big effort in JIRA subsequently.

    You can start with a Doc Sprint to jumpstart your Knowledge Base with your own FAQs.

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  • Infographic: Atlassian OnDemand vs in-Premise

    We have been asked many times on the differences between OnDemand hosting versus hosting the Atlassian apps within the premises.

    Here’s a chart we did that lists down the various factors for consideration together with a rating for each option.

    Atlassian Hosting Options Infographic

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  • Using JIRA for Purchase Requests

    A lot of people has the misconception that JIRA is used purely as a Bug Tracker. In fact, it can be used for many other purposes due to the key features (such as searching, dashboards, email notifications, workflows, permissions, issue types) provided by an Issue Tracker.

    Whenever there is an item required (e.g. printer cartridges) or wished (e.g. OSIM uDivine), the person will create a new Wish in our Wishing Well project in JIRA.

    The wish will be reviewed and fulfilled depending on the need, cost, urgency and usefulness. Periodically, we will review outstanding wishes as part of our Office Improvement Project.


    OSIM uDivine


    The good thing about using JIRA is that all wishes remains tracked so that we don’t miss out any of them. Wishers can also find out on the status of their wishes by logging into JIRA. And now, we welcome Well-wishers to come in to grant our wish for an Osim uDivine.

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  • Book Review: JIRA 5.x Developer Cookbook

    I was very happy to get the invitation to do a book review for the latest edition of the JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook.

    JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook

    While I do not know Jobin (the author) personally, he has been participating activiely in the JIRA developers’ community from sharing tips in blog posts to answering fellow developers’ questions in the Developer Forum.

    So when he published the first edition of the JIRA Developer Cookbook, I ordered a copy for myself. It was a worthwhile buy. The book was well organized and catered to readers who are new to JIRA development to experienced developers trying to hunt for new tricks.

    New developers are led through the Plugin Development Process (Chapter 1) and Understanding the Plugin Framework (Chapter 2). For those very experienced, the chapter on Useful Recipes (Chapter 11) gave me new ideas on how certain things can be done more effectively.

    This latest edition revises those sections with up-to-date information for JIRA 5.

    In addition,  new sections are added to elaborate on certain concepts (e.g. Types of plugin modules and Architecture explained, …) and introduce new stuff  (e.g. FastDev, Issue Link Renderers, ….).

    For those who are interesting to start developing their own JIRA plugins, this book will be a useful jumpstart and reference.

    Bonus: From now till 10th July 2013, 2 lucky participants who post comment on their expectations of the book at the JTricks’ blog post will get a chance to win a copy of the JIRA 5.x Developer Cookbook.

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  • Modern. Fast. Mobile. Simple. JIRA 6

    We have just upgraded our own JIRA instance to the latest version of 6.0.1 over the last weekend. And this week, our team members are giving positive feedback with the new features in JIRA 6.

    Fresh Look

    The JIRA interface has been revamped significantly according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines. Initially, there is a slight learning curve trying to find the buttons and links. After a while, we find that it is easier to find information and do common tasks.


    Detailed View

    The newly introduced Detailed View is one of my favourite feature. Now, it is much easier to work with set of issues without having to switching between Issue View and Issue Navigator. This really saves a lot of time.


    JIRA Mobile

    While it has been possible to view JIRA on my iPhone previously, the new mobile view for JIRA make it easier to use JIRA on the go. The interface is finger friendly for common tasks and is comparable to a native mobile app. And the best thing – it is free.



    For other features, please refer either to the JIRA 6.0 release notes or the video below

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  • Why People Choose JIRA

    A picture tells a thousand words on why JIRA is used by nearly 20,000 teams, spanning 115 countries around the globe.  The tool that makes a difference.

    Why People Choose JIRA

    For more details, you can refer to this blog post – Make Growth Easy: Why People Choose JIRA 6

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  • Improving productivity by encouraging suggestions from the ground

    One of the best ways for improving the productivity of the company is to get suggestions from the employees. This is because they will be able to identify the tasks and processes that is causing them more work and time.

    However, as shown in the video below, most employees are less prone to voicing out their suggestions. This is more obvious with the Asian culture. Another common reason is because they feel their suggestions are not followed up.

    There are a few ways to encourage them

    • Giving recognition to those who provided good suggestions
    • Follow up on the good suggestions
    • Provide them with an easy platform to submit their suggestions
    • Allow them to vote on suggestions
    • Allow them to comment and refine on their suggestions
    • Let them know why their suggestions are not adopted eventually

    For existing JIRA users, this can be easily done by creating a new project with an Suggestion issue type. Fellow team members can come in to comment and vote on those suggestions that can benefit them.

    The manager can also enforce a simple workflow to track whether the suggestion is under review, approved or implemented. He can also view statistics via the JIRA dashboards.

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  • Atlassian Goes Social with JIRA 5

    Do you know that JIRA is used by more than 70% of the Fortune 100 companies? And the  most popular issue tracker is improving itself with more useful features in the latest release of JIRA 5.

    The focus of this issue is to improve how people communicate with JIRA and to make life easier by providing better integration with other systems.

    The key features introduced in JIRA 5 are:

    • Sharing & Mentions – Mention another user with the ‘@’ symbol to trigger an email notification together with your comments
    • Search Change History – You can now build new searches to find issues with a change status, assignee and even specify when it happened or by whom
    • Remote issue links – You can link your JIRA issues to issues from another JIRA site, Confluence page or even any web page URL
    • JIRA to JIRA issue copy – A new (beta) plugin you can use to copy issues from a JIRA site to another JIRA site
    • Improved Activity streams – Activity stream can now show external activity from another Atlassian application (e.g. Confluence)
    • New Email Handler Wizard – A new wizard to configure email handlers for creating issues or comments from email messages
    • and many more

    Check out the video summary of the new features in the video below

    Likewise, you can also check out the official release notes

    To commemorate this launch, we also prepared a video edition of screenshots of JIRA sites on the Internet.

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